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1. Turn using a coin
2. Insert the battery in the sleeve and close(battery not included).
3. Turn on the device by turning the wheel.
4. Keep turning the wheel till the indicator light comes on and alarm on.
5. Make certain that no metal or conductive object is near. Turn the wheel in the reverse direction until the light off and the alarms stop.The device will then be ready to use.
6. If the indicator light does not work, turn the wheel a half turn and slowly turn the adjustment resistor using a screwdriver until the alarm comes on or goes off according to the desired setting.
7. To detect metal objects, hold the device as shown and move the device horizontally against the wall. The alarm will come on when there is a metallic object nearby.
8. Electrically conductive objects will be indicated by a fashing light that will become continuous when the device is close to the conductor.

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